Find What Fits!

Three is the lucky number of the day. We are talking, Glocks, S&W M&P’s and Springfield XD’s.  If this doesn’t mean anything to you now, don’t worry it will.  We are continuing our conversation about choosing the right gun for you.  It can be a lengthy, expensive and intimidating process but hopefully with some help from these articles and some perseverance, you will be able to find the gun or guns that fit. I promise though, all the hard work will be worth it.

Last time we talked about making sure that you find a firearm that works for your individual needs.  This requires you to ask some questions; What your intended use for the firearm is, what size of firearm suits you best, is it comfortable, caliber, etc.   Make sure you find the gun that fits your requirements.  For more about this, check out my last article.

So why, Glocks, S&W M&P’s, and Springfield XD’s?, well I have shot many different firearms and done my own research on firearms that work better for women and these are the three that I believe work best for women.  I have chosen these three types of firearms for several reasons, not only for their features that work better women, but for their reliability, better function and all around good quality.

Lets talk about why these firearms work better for women. First, they come in a varied range of calibers and frame sizes.  This is important because it allows you to find which configuration of the two works best for you, and that you can handle comfortably. For example: if you need a smaller framed weapon for concealed carry you may choose a smaller caliber to reduce recoil.  These types of firearms almost have endless combinations to help you find what fits.

My favorite aspect of these weapons is the shorter trigger reach.  Trigger reach is the distance from the back strap of the firearm to the trigger.  This shorter trigger reach helps with those of us that have smaller hands.  The smaller grip helps you control recoil and allows better weapons retention.  The most important aspect that this feature helps with is trigger control.  If the distance to the trigger of your firearm is too long for the length of your finger then your accuracy will suffer.  The trigger of your firearm should comfortably sit in the middle of the pad on your finger above the first knuckle.

These firearms are reliable, great for training and have created a firearm that gives women a chance to enjoy the shooting sports.

Hopefully this information can help you find a firearm that fits.  Good luck!


Just Cuz it’s Pink, Doesn’t Mean it Works.


One of the biggest questions I get, as a firearms instructor, from guys and gals, is what type of firearm is best for a women.  To put this in perspective, that is like asking a women what pair of shoes is better.  Inevitably, the answer to this question will be hugely varied.  Most of these answers will also lead with a question in return, well it depends… where am I going, what am I doing, and what am I wearing?

Funny enough, these are the same type of questions you should be asking yourself when you look for a firearm as well, whether you are a guy or a gal.

Girls, firearms shopping is truly a lot  like shoe shopping,  just with a bigger price tag and less complaints from the men folk about the bill.  It’s a win, win.  Just think, it is a form of shopping that your guy will actually enjoy coming along for and best yet, you can find a weapon or a couple of weapons that meet your needs for several different occasions; just like those new heels you bought to go with your new dress and the tennies you bought for kicking around the town, you can never have too many shoes or guns!

Ok, enough with the shoe analogy but they are very similar.  Buying a firearm does take research and time.  Firearms are not a one size fits all, different firearms meet different needs.  There are small guns and small calibers that are great for concealing but you give up power; how many rounds you can carry; and they are more difficult to shoot.  Revolvers, are easier to operate but again you don’t have as many rounds and they are not as easily reloaded in an emergency.  Larger frame guns are great for training, are more comfortable to shoot but are hard to conceal.

So, the best thing you can do is ask the same questions as you would when shopping for shoes, where am I going, what do I need it for, Does it fit, and what am I wearing (can I conceal it)?  Then you find a gun that meets the majority of these needs.  This is why I said before, that you might find yourself with more than one firearm, it is likely that you will not find a single firearm that meets all your needs.  That is ok, just make sure you get the gun that works for you or guns.

Also, just like anything else you might find a gun that fits most of your needs and then you will have to adapt to some things to fit the guns requirements.  Like wearing a longer shirt to cover it  while you’re carrying.  It is better that you get a gun that feels comfortable and that you can work with, that might be a little more difficult to conceal (you can always change what you wear), then to buy a firearm that you are completely uncomfortable with.

A final word to the wise, just because it’s pink, shiny or cute looking doesn’t mean that it will work well for you.  The gun industry hasn’t caught up to women and firearms yet and their solution to a more interested women’s market is to paint a guns, made for a guy,  pink.  I carry a glock 26 most of the time, not the prettiest gun out there but it is black and accessories with everything I wear, but more importantly it fits my needs.

So don’t get lulled into buying what the guy behind the counter is selling or what the guy next to you is putting in your hand.  Make sure you listen to what they have to say and then try out several firearms; pick them up, try to manipulate all the moving parts, and find the gun that fits you and your needs.

Stay tuned in and the next couple articles we will go over some of the guns I have found that work better for women in general.

Trigger Finger

The best Defense…

don’t be caught dead here.

The best self-“defense” is not a good “offense” but never to be in the game in the first place.                       Don’t be an easy target.

This means that you can train until you are a master at self-defense techniques, you can have the coolest new tactical gear and the best weapons but the question is, why use them if you do not have to?  Maybe you do not have all of those things, yet the question is still remains the same, why put yourself in a situation where you might need self-defense, if you do not have to?

There are places, people and things that you do in everyday life that either put you further away from having an encounter with criminals or crimes or more likely to have a problem with being attacked.  Understanding this makes all the difference in living safely.  You should always be aware of what is around you and where and who your daily routine brings you in contact with and if this routine can be changed to ensure your safety.

Criminals work in a certain way; they do this because they have found that certain techniques work better than others for committing crime.  In effect, criminals are professionals, experts at their “jobs” if you can call it that.  They in their own twisted way have made a profession and developed skills by taking advantage of others.  These skills and techniques include things like: working late at night; in low or no light conditions; in places with few or no people; they pray on those that are weaker or have made themselves vulnerable through isolation; drugs or alcohol; and many more.

Inebriation effects your ability to be aware of your surroundings

Thinking about how criminals act will give you a good idea of places, people and situations to avoid. Now, I know that we are all busy and we can’t change our whole routine just to avoid what might happen.  However, we can be more aware of our surroundings and make a conscious effort to notice potential danger zones and identify places we need to be more careful and more prepared.  And, also to identify the places, people and situations that we absolutely do need to avoid in order to be safe.

Young women have the highest potential of getting attacked and if you think about it this makes since if you consider the all that we have talked about.  Young women tend to stay out late, go to parties with unknown men, some drink alcohol and take drugs; all things that make them a little more vulnerable.  This is not to say that young women can’t have fun but they need to be aware of the risks.  We all do, and the best part about this kind of self-defense is it just takes a little bit of thinking, a few changes and awareness.  No fancy gear, no long days at the range and no expense, just common sense and taking the time to think about your life.

Sight Alignment

Remember that for comprehensive instruction you will need to find an instructor that will teach you and know how to help make sure you have this skill down.  However, this is a great starter video so that you can understand the terms and concept of Sight Alignment.


This week I am posting early because I am off to run the ragnar relay race.  It is the Wasatch Back.  Fitness is one of the best parts of self-defense training. But don’t worry you don’t have to run a race like the ragnar to be good at self-defense.  Start slow and you will get to your self-defense and fitness goals in no time.  The key is to be persistent.

Fitness like I said is great as long as you stay safe while training. So the self-defense tip while short today is important.  Being aware is the most important part of your exercise program.  Many women are attacked while running. Learning how to protect yourself from the bad guy does not just mean hand to hand training or firearms training but it means to stay out of situations that are dangerous.

While running you should not listen to music with headphones as it limits your ability to hear people that might be approaching you from behind.  Find routes that involve a lot of people, this does not include mountain trails or central park at night.  Seclusion makes it easy for an attacker to get you one on one.

Change your route often.  A routine can be followed, every time you go running go a different way and if possible at a different time.

Be smart and safe.  and get running.

8 things you should think about before carrying a gun.

It often strikes me funny the conversations that I frequently have as a firearms instructor with other people.  My job as a firearms instructor, or at least what I believe to be my job, is to create an environment that will fulfill the needs of all people to be protected.  Whether that protection is from the government, someone you know or the possibility of randomly being a victim.  I, however, find that my efforts to fulfill those needs do not always line up with what most people see as being needed.  What I mean by that is I meet a lot of people who do not think that they need training in order to learn how to defend themselves or they believe that their previous experiences of being around firearms their whole life is a sufficient amount of information and skill to provide them with the ability to defend themselves effectively.  I am here to tell you that I was one of those people, until I started to train to be a firearms instructor and learned that self-defense skills, tactics and shooting is a completely different world.

This does not mean that you have to be an instructor or spend every spare hour you have training and thinking about how to protect yourself but it does mean that if you are one of these people that say, “I don’t need all that or I have been around firearms my whole life and I can protect myself”, then you are in trouble.

It is this false sense of security about our abilities or knowledge about “violence” that get us most in trouble in situations where we need skills not empty words and vibrato to save us.  Enough said.

Thing Number 1 that you need to think about is: ( in the spirit of Dr. Suess I will name these sections, thing 1-8

Learning both armed and unarmed self-defense techniques.  Will you always have your firearm with you?  Will it always be readily accessible in seconds?  The FBI has statistics that let us know the average gun fight is within 3 feet of each participant.  Three feet is arms length distance.  It may very well be that you will have to first know how to get out of an arm grab before you can access your weapon.

Thing 2

Learn the basic laws of your home State.  In our world of lawyers and lawsuits, it is extremely important that you know what the laws are and when it is appropriate according to the law to use self-defense.  Also, knowing the law can help you understand better your right to carry.

Thing 3

Know your enemy.  Take a class on criminal behavior.  Criminals do not have the same moral restrictions that normal people posses.  You need to learn that these nasty people do not have a problem with hurting or killing you.  It does not even cross their mind twice.

Thing 4

Learn how to avoid these situations through tactics.  Knowing how to shoot someone or kicking them where it hurts is fantastic but why be in that situation if you don’t have to be.  Staying out of those types of situations is as easy as learning a few tactics and maybe making some changes in lifestyle.  But change is good, right?

Thing 5

Take a tactical shooting course. Yes, I know, you have been around firearms your whole life.  But you haven’t been in scary stressful situations with firearm your whole life.  You need to learn how to deal with your firearm when you are losing functionality and thought because you are so scared of what might happen next.

Thing 6

Choose the appropriate firearm.  While I respect the history behind Grandpa’s lever action rifle or the shotgun that has been in the family for years, that doesn’t mean that is the appropriate gun to protect you and your family.  Women be careful with this one because I know a lot of guys who think they are helping by picking out your firearm but do much more harm than good.  A firearm should be chosen by the person using it and should be as close as possible to fulfilling all the needs that that weapon should provide.

Thing 7

Choose a good instructor.  You wouldn’t go sky diving with an instructor who had only been around parachutes their whole life but had never jumped out of a plane, right?  Well let’s hope not.  So make sure that your instructor really knows their stuff and that they are experience in the type of training that they are offering.  This does not mean they have to be law enforcement or military and in fact sometimes that is just a façade to get customer to take their classes.   Do some homework.

Thing 8

Practice.  Once you learn the skills, use them as much as you can.  That way they will become second nature and you won’t have to think in a self-defense situation when someone is running at you with a knife, “know what did my instructor tell me to do?”


Your life is the most important thing you own.  It is not crazy or unreasonable to seek out training to make sure that you continue to live.  It is also not a bad investment of your money, either.  We buy life insurance policies to make sure that our family won’t be left with nothing in case we die.  But wouldn’t it be better to put some of that money it to being proactive and making sure that we can stick around to be with our families.  I believe it is.

Getting Physical, its not what you think.

Physical training is what most people think about when it comes to self-defense.  Their minds are usually plastered with ideas of kicks, karate chops and Chuck Norris’s amazing body.  However, while learning the physical aspects of self-defense are important, remember that physical training is only a fourth of your overall  self-defense training.  In early posts we talked about emotional preparedness, mental preparedness and in the future will discuss spiritual preparedness.  This article will go over the importance of physical preparedness.

Being physically prepared to use self-defense is more that just going to an instructor and learning techniques.  Being physically prepared means that you know the skills, you can use them because you are physically fit, and having the right gear with you when you need it.  Protecting you and your family should be about living in a way that you can use those techniques and tools to stop someones unlawful and unexpected attack against you.  Not to mention that with the empowerment you receive by learning the skills and the confidence that will come because you look good and are strong, will be not only beneficial in keeping you safe but will change the rest of your life for the better as well.

When do we need to be physically prepared?   Crime and violence are unexpected, which means that they could happen at any moment.  If you are not ready then you are not safe.  Practice is the key.  However, do not get stuck in the old adage that practice makes perfect, it doesn’t, it makes habits.  This means that you need to make sure that the skills you are learning are the right ones.  This same idea goes for your gear, make sure that the tools you pick out for self-defense are the right ones.  There are many fantastic instructors out there and there are a lot of not so fantastic instructors who lie about their experiences and credentials.  be careful.

As far as gear, well you are not going to find that magical self-defense tool that will take the work out of protecting yourself or that will stun when you want to stun and shoot when you want to shoot (that only happens in movies).  This means that you are going to have to make some decisions and compromises on what types of tools you are willing to carry in self-defense.  The choices are numerous and it can get confusing but hopefully this blog will help take away some of the confusion.  I will start to post product reviews and the benefits and detraction’s of various types of self-defense tools.  So my advice here also, is be careful.  Make sure that what you are getting, is reliable, easy to use, you feel comfortable with it and it fits your needs.  If it is sparkly and cute but does not fulfill the requirements above, well that’s why the men folk are around, you buy the useful tool and have your man buy the cute one and give it to you for Valentines day.

Have you ever heard a phrase like, I don’t have to protect myself I only have to out run the people around me.  Well, its true!  If you are in good physical condition then you increase your chances of being safe.  If you can indeed out run your attacker without putting yourself in greater danger, what a fantastic way to keep yourself safe without having to hurt someone.  However, the real reason that physical fitness is so important is in how criminals act.  Criminals are creatures of darkness, they do not want their acts to be illuminated.  So if they want something from you they will do their best to get close to you before they present a threat.  The closer a criminal becomes the more important it is for you to be strong, able to fight back and be able to retain your tools.  Running, weight lifting, classes with Chuck Norris, it does not matter just be active and stay active.  You will save your life and look good in your bikini/black dress.  Two for ones are the best.

Physical preparedness means skills, tools and fitness.  Put those all together with mental firmness and emotion stability and you not only have a women who can defend herself but one that is ready to face any part of her life with confidence, power and femininity.

Living is a choice, we make everyday.

There Are Only Three Kinds of People

Wolves, Sheep and Sheep Dogs

Wh ich one are you?

By Larry and Stacey Mudgett

Years ago I heard a lecture given by retired U.S. Army LTC Dave Grossman, (author of “On Killing),” about wolves, sheep and sheepdogs.   Based on my own experiences as a Combat Solider, a 35 year Police Officer, a SWAT Officer and a “Defensive Firearms Instructor,” and with the help of my wife Stacey, I have taken the liberty of writing our version of this subject which is somewhat different from the lecture I heard years ago.  Our life experiences obviously being different from those of LTC Grossman gave us another perspective that we wish to share with you. The use of the wolf, sheep and sheepdog are excellent metaphors to make our case.  Not perfect but useful and thought provoking.

This article may cause people who live in denial to be angry.  Many will find a way to dismiss the point of this article. They will rationalize and convince themselves that the issues discussed here do not apply to them, applicable perhaps to others but not to them.  They will continue to ignore the truth because it frightens them and they are the sheep.  Reality to sheep is so frightening that some will be afraid to finish reading this article.

Who are the wolves?

The criminals and the terrorists in our world are the wolves.  They prey on the sheep.  The wolves commit nightmarish crimes for reasons which are perfectly justified in their twisted minds.  These wolves do not kill, rape and torture to survive.  They do these things because they are truly evil.

The wolves in our society will commit horrible crimes against the sheep  every single day and night.  We all know this.  If we are not prepared to confront these predators then we are simply plodding through life, hoping that the wolf will select another.  Our citizenry has largely become a flock of sheep who cower when the wolf comes, secretly relieved when some other sheep is selected by the wolf.

We lock our doors and we watch our children because of wolves.  We form neighborhood watch groups and pay taxes to support a police department because we know that wolves are real.  We put up with airport security procedures and police check points because we have seen the carnage caused by wolves.  We support an Army to fight wolves all around the world.  We educate our children regarding the danger of wolves and how to avoid them.  Our lives are affected by the threat of wolves every single day.

The economic cost of incarcerating wolves is staggering.  The wars we are waging against wolves have drained our nation’s blood and treasure.  Wolves are the things of which nightmares are made.  There are such things as monsters.  We see them on the news every evening and some of us will see them up close and having done so, we may never be the same.

Who are the sheep?

Most people are sheep.  They accept no responsibility for the safety and protection of themselves, their families or their flock.  When sheep live their lives hoping that they will not be taken by the wolf and yet knowing that the wolf is going to take someone, the sheep are in effect hoping that the wolf will take their neighbor.  Is hoping that the wolf will take someone else instead of you a strategy?  Is it moral?  Is it Christian?  Is it American?  How did Americans come to this deplorable state of deciding to be sheep?  Sheep foolishly pretend that someone else will always be there to protect them?  Many Americans complain constantly about the “Nanny State,” where the government attempts to provide everything for everyone, while taking our freedoms in the process.  Yet these same people expect the government to provide them with personal protection which is not even physically possible.

Most sheep who are attacked by the wolf, go to their graves or the hospital, wishing for help and thinking, “this is not fair, I do not deserve this.” Deserve has nothing to do with it.  Fairness has nothing to do with it.  Fairness is a childish notion.  If life were fair, babies would not be born with horrible illnesses.   Adults need to get over the idea that life is going to be fair and that the wolf will chose another sheep.  Sheep often believe that they will not be chosen by the wolf because, “I am a good sheep and I will be spared.”  To this type of thinking we can only say, Grow up!  Bad things happen to good people every day.

Who are the Sheepdogs?

Finally, there are the sheepdogs.  They guard the flock.  They are the protectors of our society.  They are the soldiers, the police officers and the armed citizens who have accepted the responsibility for protecting themselves and others by the use of deadly force if necessary.

The sheep are not always comfortable with the sheepdog because the sheepdog looks a lot like the wolf.  The sheepdog is armed.  He has fangs (guns).  This frightens the sheep.  The sheepdogs run toward danger.  The sheep find this confusing because they only run away from danger.  Often the sheep do not like the sheepdog until the wolf comes.  Then the sheep try to hide behind the sheepdog, begging for his protection.

Sheepdogs do not live life hoping that the wolf will select someone else.  Sheepdogs are prepared to confront the wolf and have accepted their responsibility for confronting evil in our society.  If the wolf attacks the sheepdog then there will likely be one less wolf.  On occasion the best prepared sheepdog will lose, but he will go down fighting, killed on the spot doing his duty.  He will not be drug off and tortured to death.  There are worse things than death and those who surrender to the wolf often learn what those things are.

When the sheepdog learns of yet another horrible crime committed by the wolf he does feel relief because the wolf chose another for his victim.  He does not hide his head  and try to pretend that such a fate could never befall his family.  Instead he is reminded to remain alert and reevaluate his own preparations to contend with such an occurrence.

One difference between real sheep and human sheep is the fact that real sheep are born sheep.  Human sheep have decided to be sheep and can change into sheepdogs if they elect to do so.  Sheep can change from cowering victims to sheepdogs by being armed, well trained and mentally prepared to use force in defense of life.  Sheepdogs can make their families expectation of protection a reality.  Sheepdogs are living up to the ideals of being an American.

Do not assume that you are a sheepdog because you own a gun.  Owning a firearm that you could not reach in the first two to three seconds of a crime does not qualify you as a sheepdog.  Owning a firearm with which you have had little or no relevant defensive training does not make you a sheepdog.  A sheep who has not cultivated the  Combat Mindset required to react properly and quickly when facing the wolf is not a sheepdog.  A true sheepdog is armed and has the skill and the combat mindset to fend off a wolf attack, the outcome of which will  normally be decided in the first few seconds.

Duty to Family

Allow us to explain something that you may not have considered.  Self defense is not simply a right, it is a responsibility.  We do not have a right to protect members of our family, we have a duty.  Our families believe that we can keep them safe from evil events.  In most cases this is nothing more than a fairy tale.  A false promise.

If armed home invasion robbers force their way into your home today or tonight what will you do?  What could you do?  Resistance without the means, the mental preparation and the skill is courageous but the end result is likely to be the same.  The wolf wins.

“That could never happen to my family.”  And why is that?  Why your neighbor and not you?  It is my opinion that the Doctor in Connecticut  who lost his entire family to home invasion robbers when his wife, 17 and 11 year old daughters were tortured, raped, dosed in gasoline and then burned alive, never imagined that such a thing could ever happen to them.  Can we even comprehend having to relive that nightmare every moment for the rest of your life.  Can we possibly imagine the last memories on this earth of those young girls and their mother.  We are aware of countless horrible crimes where a sheepdog could have stopped the carnage but all those present had chosen to be sheep.

Duty to Community and Country

When a sheep fails to stop a wolf from torturing, robbing and assaulting  him because he has no means to stop the wolf, the sheep bears some responsibility for the wolfs next victim.  Had the sheep been a sheepdog prepared to stop the wolf, all of the future victims of that wolf would have been spared. The wolf is the culprit but every victim has the potential opportunity and the duty to save the next victim by defending himself.

Defending ourselves is a duty that we have to our society as well as our loved ones.  When we fail to stop a criminal from victimizing us because we have not assumed the responsibility for protecting ourselves, our families, our community and our nation we have failed to live up to the ideals of being an American.  Real Americans do not expect others to do all of their fighting for them.  Living our lives knowing that wolves will attack someone every single day and hoping that the wolf will not attack us, is in a sense, to hope that the wolf will attack someone else because we know that he is a wolf and that is what he does.

At one time most Americans were sheep Dogs.  Now, unfortunately, most Americans have decided to be sheep. If more sheep would again become sheepdogs we could all sleep more safely in our beds.  A small percentage of our society are wolves, responsible for the attacks on the sheep.  If more wolves were stopped by more sheepdogs, the frequency of attacks would soon diminish.  Attacking the sheep would be so dangerous for the wolf that such attacks would  become far less frequent.  We would each have more peace of mind knowing that we were no longer at the mercy of the wolf who has no mercy.

If Not You Then Who?

The Police will keep us safe, right?  Did you know that courts have ruled that the police have no duty to protect anyone?  Did you ever consider that the police protect you after the crime by trying to apprehend the wolves who tortured and murdered you and your family?  Do you understand that the only person who can protect you during the crime is you?  Do you not watch the news and see that evil occurs everywhere, in every neighborhood to all age groups, all economic groups, and both genders?

The wolf is afraid of the sheepdog and well he should be.  Who among us will now elect to continue through life as a sheep, cowering from the wolf and hoping that the wolf will take someone else.   Who will chose instead to become a sheepdog, who can and will protect himself and his flock?

Those who expect the government to protect them during a crime are thinking like a child.  During my 35 years in law enforcement I can recall every single time I stopped a rape, attempted murder or violent robbery during the crime because to do so was very rare.  The LAPD, like most police departments, tries to prevent crime by their presence but more often than not investigates crimes after they have occurred.

The sheep need to accept the fact that no one can protect them or their flock except the sheepdogs. The sheep must stop hoping that the wolf will continue to attack others. The sheep must choose to become sheepdogs and assume the responsibility for the protection of their families.  The sheep must stop wishing for reality to change and become some fictitious ideal which has never and will never exist, for there will always be evil.

A brilliant man once said that evil is the absence of God.  If that is true our increasingly secular society is likely to get a lot more evil in the future, not less.  The wolves may well run rampant in the streets.  If this comes about, a great many sheepdogs will be required to save the flock.

We are each responsible for our own protection and the protection of our families.  This has always been true and it always will be true.  The sheep need to start living in the real world, not the one they wish existed but the one that does exist.  The sheep need to accept their responsibilities as fathers, mothers, husbands and wives.  They need to act like Americans and fulfill their obligations.  They need to decide to stop being sheep and start being sheepdogs.

The odds that the wolf will select any one of us may not be great.  There are a lot more sheep than there are wolves.  The statistical probability that a woman who lives her entire 85 years in California will be raped is 100 per cent.  Depending on how we interpret statics, about 75 percent of Americans will be the victims of a violent crime in their lifetime.  In reality we know that some people will be victimize more than once and others will escape the statistics.  Therefore, for the sake of this article we can adjust that number down to perhaps 50 percent and we can even cut that in half if we live in a relatively low crime area.

Perhaps one in four of us will be the victims of a violent crime in our lifetimes.  We must balance these odds against the consequences of being assaulted, beaten, tortured, raped, maimed or murdered.  What should concern us is not the statistical probability of being victimized but the consequences that we or our loved ones will suffer if we are the one in four chosen by the wolf and we are not prepared.

The fact that statistically there is a fair chance we might live our lives never becoming the victim of a violent crime will be no consolation to us should we suffer the horror of a such an attack.  For those who do survive a violent attack the physical and emotional scars will be with them as long as they live.  Even worse, how will we cope if a family member is victimized and we are unable to help, all the time knowing that we could have prevented the attack if we had been prepared.

What could possibly be more important than the safety of your family?   Ask yourself, what have I chosen to be?  Have I allowed a left leaning pacifist society to mold me into a sheep?  Is that my heritage as an American, to expect someone from the government to protect my family?  Am I so gullible that I believe it is even possible for someone else to protect us during a crime.

The wolf is out there looking for his next victim. Somewhere right now a wolf is preparing to meet you and defeat you.  What are you going to do about it?  When the wolves roam the streets it will be too late to prepare.  When opportunity (necessity) coincides with preparation, success occurs.  Will success be yours or theirs?  Do not wait too long to decide, lest the wolf decide for you.

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