First things first, The psychology of living.

As a firearms instructor many women I talk to tell me that they prefer not to carry a firearm in self-defense. Their reason, they could never kill someone even in the act of self-defense.  Many men, out of ego, tell me that they would have no trouble doing so.   All I have to say is, at least women are honest with me. 

No reasonable human wants bad things to befall another human.  It is not in our nature to want to hurt or kill.  It is similar to any other species of animals that do not kill their own species, it is just not how nature was set up.  That is a good thing, it is honest and true and frankly, I am glad the majority of people have this feeling, otherwise we would have a lot more people to defend ourselves against.

Now, after that, you are probably wondering, well what is the point of self-defense then? or Why am I reading this or visiting this blog if it is not in our nature to use force against someone else? 

Well, that is why this is first things first, because before anything else you should learn why self-defense is appropriate and when it is appropriate, before incorporating into your life.  Learning about the psychology of living will allow you know why self-defense is necessary and normal in the act of useing force against someone else and it will help you to succeed when useing self-defense even when faced with the decision to pull the trigger.  It will give you the mind set and mental preparation to use whatever means neccessary in order to protect yourself.   (some call it the psychology of killing but it has more to do with protecting your life then it does with killing someone else, so we will stick with the phrase, psychology of living)

The theory behind the psychology of living, is just what was stated above, but that is only half of the scenario, the other half is how we must view those who are not acting on our same level or unreasonably.  It is fact, that we as humans naturally do not want to kill other human beings.  If we have a disagreement we want to work it out by talking, maybe even posturing (which is acting bigger, smarter, etc in order to defuse the situation).  This is how rational normal people act when confronted with opposition or just as a standard of interaction with others, it is how you act, I hope. 

However, lets look at those who do not act this way, Criminals.  Who, reading this post would say yes to an offer to kidnap kids and take them across the border into Mexico and sell them?  The perk, you will make a ton of money.  No one would agree to this right, right?  Ok, but why? They are not your kids and it is a great way to get money, lets even say that it was legal to do so… still you say no to this offer? I do not get that, it’s a good deal.  What about breaking into someones home and stealing their stuff?  Would you do that?  Why not? 

Well, the reason we do not do those things, are because we are human.  We have, whether you believe they are God given or innate, a set of moral codes.  Therefore, those who do commit those acts are not acting within their humanity and are acting outside it. or outside the moral code.  Anything outside of being a human would have to be defined as animal.  Criminals do not act as normal humans capable of interacting on the same level, they act as animals.  Therefore, our interaction with them must be different as well.  Does this mean that killing is right, no it does not; but it does mean that if someone does get hurt or dies as a result of you defending yourself against an inhuman act (any criminal or violent act) then it is appropriate and ok.  It means that self-defense is right, no matter the outcome.  Would you hesitate to kill a bear if he was coming after your family, absolutely not and a person that would take away your family or way of life, with blatant disregard, is acting like an animal not a human.

You will all still dislike the fact that someone might get hurt or die as a result of you using self-defense but I am here to tell you, it is better for you to go home to your loved ones everyday and be prepared to do so, then allow an animal to take away your life, virtue, etc.. or the lives of your family.  You should know that even our paid military men have the same problem and before they learned about the psychology of living, only 12 percent of soldiers would actually fire at the enemy.  They were paid to do this, it was their job and they could not defend themselves until they learned the psychology of living; it meant that they had to think of the enemy in a different way and they had to train in a different way in order to protect themselves and this country.  And that is what you will learn to do as well.

Now that you have an idea about the psychology of living.  You can learn to think about criminals in a different way, which will allow you to use self-defense, even if the out comes may result is hurting or killing someone else, and not fail because of your natural reflexes.  And hopefully with the continued reading of this blog you will know how to train yourself, so you will have the ability to defend your self. 

Self-defense and the psychology of living, is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  In order to be the safest person possible you have to learn all these disciplines.  This blog will give you pointers on how to mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually prepare so you can live everyday without fear.


Why Women, Why now?

Crystal Perry

Reading in the news almost everyday about another victim of violent crime is why I started this blog. 

As a female firearms instructor I feel it my duty to reach out to other women who are the targeted demographic of criminals, in fact, 1 in every 6 women will be a victim of a sexual crime in their life time and college aged women are 4 times as likely to be a victim. (For more info and statistics go to

 This concerns me, as I am a college aged women I walk the grounds of my campus, seeing beautiful women pass me everyday.  I think, they should  never have to face the ugliness of violent crime and I have the knowledge to help them stop such incidents.  

I had to do something, to get that information to the masses so that women could have an advantage and not have to fear. My goal is not  just to give women the reassurances that the police will catch the person who has already committed such a crime but to give them the tools to stop violent crime before it starts through passive self-defense, training and to equalize a situation with knowledge, skill and weapons that give women the advantage in maintaining their lives, virtue and power.

This is not to diminish the work of the wonderful people in law enforcement or the criminal justice system who find these criminals and detain them but I believe there is a better way, and that is prevention.   By the time that criminals are sent to jail the damage has been done and may never be completely fixed by those who have been a victim of rape, injury or murder. 

Here is a touching story about women in Salt Lake City, the saddest part about this is that these crimes could have been prevented if someone had taught these women how to defend themselves and given them the tools to do so.  That, I hope, will be the purpose of this blog.

This shouldn't happen to you.

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