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We haven’t discussed long guns very much, however, adding a good carbine to your self- defense repertoire is not a bad idea.  It allows you to add more tools and training to your tool box, which always gives you an advantage when dealing with criminals and low lifes.

Recently, bulk ammo. com gave me a chance to shoot some of the high quality .223 rounds that they stock.  They shipped me out a box so that I could try it out and see for myself.  They sent me a box of Hornady Match .223 Rem.   Now, I know that most of this sounds like a foreign language but it won’t soon, so keep reading.  The round is shot through rifles of many different shapes and sizes but is most commonly used with an AR-15 type rifle, similar to what the army uses but produced for civilians.

These are the types of rifles I refer to as carbines.  The caliber refers to the width of the bullet measured in inches across.  The bullet is .223 of an inch and is how it gets its name.  Hornady is the name of the manufacturer and Match refers to the quality of the components that go into making the round.  This round was also a 75 gr round.  This refers to the weight of the bullet.  The most common weight for a .223 is around 55 gr, so this round would be considered quite a bit heavier than most of the target rounds that you would shoot for practice.

Check out the link to bulk ammo’s website and se the actual round.

I enjoyed shooting this round and would definitely recommend it for the serious shooter.  It cycled well in my firearm without any problems and was a proficient round at 50yards to 200yards.  It also worked great with self defense training.

Thanks bulk ammo for letting me give it a try!!


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