Find What Fits!

Three is the lucky number of the day. We are talking, Glocks, S&W M&P’s and Springfield XD’s.  If this doesn’t mean anything to you now, don’t worry it will.  We are continuing our conversation about choosing the right gun for you.  It can be a lengthy, expensive and intimidating process but hopefully with some help from these articles and some perseverance, you will be able to find the gun or guns that fit. I promise though, all the hard work will be worth it.

Last time we talked about making sure that you find a firearm that works for your individual needs.  This requires you to ask some questions; What your intended use for the firearm is, what size of firearm suits you best, is it comfortable, caliber, etc.   Make sure you find the gun that fits your requirements.  For more about this, check out my last article.

So why, Glocks, S&W M&P’s, and Springfield XD’s?, well I have shot many different firearms and done my own research on firearms that work better for women and these are the three that I believe work best for women.  I have chosen these three types of firearms for several reasons, not only for their features that work better women, but for their reliability, better function and all around good quality.

Lets talk about why these firearms work better for women. First, they come in a varied range of calibers and frame sizes.  This is important because it allows you to find which configuration of the two works best for you, and that you can handle comfortably. For example: if you need a smaller framed weapon for concealed carry you may choose a smaller caliber to reduce recoil.  These types of firearms almost have endless combinations to help you find what fits.

My favorite aspect of these weapons is the shorter trigger reach.  Trigger reach is the distance from the back strap of the firearm to the trigger.  This shorter trigger reach helps with those of us that have smaller hands.  The smaller grip helps you control recoil and allows better weapons retention.  The most important aspect that this feature helps with is trigger control.  If the distance to the trigger of your firearm is too long for the length of your finger then your accuracy will suffer.  The trigger of your firearm should comfortably sit in the middle of the pad on your finger above the first knuckle.

These firearms are reliable, great for training and have created a firearm that gives women a chance to enjoy the shooting sports.

Hopefully this information can help you find a firearm that fits.  Good luck!


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