Back in the Sattle

After running a city council race for three months, I am back in the sattle.  Rip roaring and ready to be insightful.

We have talked about situational awareness on this blog, being physically prepared and psychologically prepared for a criminal event. But today, I would like to talk about all those things in a different context.  Disaster and Emergency preparedness.  It is great to be prepared for those little or more individual events, like a criminal act,  but what about big life altering events like earthquakes, storms or even economic melt down?  Are you prepared for those?  I know I’m am not as prepared for these things as well as I would like to be.  So what does this have to do with self defense??

A lot actually,  in an emergency your likely hood of needing your self defense skills, your good physical fitness and a strong emotional and psychological resistance to panic, goes way up.  This is the time when you can let your colors fly and be the hero to you and your family.  Vindication for all those times they call you crazy for giving up a Friday night to train in weapons, martial arts, or fitness.  In a time of emergency if you have a plan and the resources to execute it, then you are going to be better off then 95% of the other people out there.  (Ok, I just made that statistic up, but I would wager a large amount that it is pretty close.)

So what do you have to do to prepare?  Well the great thing about training for self-defense is that most of those skills transfer over to emergency preparedness.  Look at you…killing 2 birds with one stone, that is how you get it done ladies.  You use your skills of emotional preparation, by running through scenarios of events that might happen and how you will react to them.  You have strength and endurance from your workouts and a walk back to your house from your office, even with a pack on, is a piece of cake.  Plus, you have defensive skills that will protect you and your families lives and resources (which are the same as your life) in an emergency.

The other aspect of emergency preparedness is getting supplies and resources.  This is the hard part but don’t stress it too much, there are great websites and blogs out there like that can help you with all the cool stuff you need to survive. Plus, if you watch a little Man vs Wild with your man and can make a comment on Bear’s gear, your bound to win points.

Stay Safe!


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