The best Defense…

don’t be caught dead here.

The best self-“defense” is not a good “offense” but never to be in the game in the first place.                       Don’t be an easy target.

This means that you can train until you are a master at self-defense techniques, you can have the coolest new tactical gear and the best weapons but the question is, why use them if you do not have to?  Maybe you do not have all of those things, yet the question is still remains the same, why put yourself in a situation where you might need self-defense, if you do not have to?

There are places, people and things that you do in everyday life that either put you further away from having an encounter with criminals or crimes or more likely to have a problem with being attacked.  Understanding this makes all the difference in living safely.  You should always be aware of what is around you and where and who your daily routine brings you in contact with and if this routine can be changed to ensure your safety.

Criminals work in a certain way; they do this because they have found that certain techniques work better than others for committing crime.  In effect, criminals are professionals, experts at their “jobs” if you can call it that.  They in their own twisted way have made a profession and developed skills by taking advantage of others.  These skills and techniques include things like: working late at night; in low or no light conditions; in places with few or no people; they pray on those that are weaker or have made themselves vulnerable through isolation; drugs or alcohol; and many more.

Inebriation effects your ability to be aware of your surroundings

Thinking about how criminals act will give you a good idea of places, people and situations to avoid. Now, I know that we are all busy and we can’t change our whole routine just to avoid what might happen.  However, we can be more aware of our surroundings and make a conscious effort to notice potential danger zones and identify places we need to be more careful and more prepared.  And, also to identify the places, people and situations that we absolutely do need to avoid in order to be safe.

Young women have the highest potential of getting attacked and if you think about it this makes since if you consider the all that we have talked about.  Young women tend to stay out late, go to parties with unknown men, some drink alcohol and take drugs; all things that make them a little more vulnerable.  This is not to say that young women can’t have fun but they need to be aware of the risks.  We all do, and the best part about this kind of self-defense is it just takes a little bit of thinking, a few changes and awareness.  No fancy gear, no long days at the range and no expense, just common sense and taking the time to think about your life.


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