This week I am posting early because I am off to run the ragnar relay race.  It is the Wasatch Back.  Fitness is one of the best parts of self-defense training. But don’t worry you don’t have to run a race like the ragnar to be good at self-defense.  Start slow and you will get to your self-defense and fitness goals in no time.  The key is to be persistent.

Fitness like I said is great as long as you stay safe while training. So the self-defense tip while short today is important.  Being aware is the most important part of your exercise program.  Many women are attacked while running. Learning how to protect yourself from the bad guy does not just mean hand to hand training or firearms training but it means to stay out of situations that are dangerous.

While running you should not listen to music with headphones as it limits your ability to hear people that might be approaching you from behind.  Find routes that involve a lot of people, this does not include mountain trails or central park at night.  Seclusion makes it easy for an attacker to get you one on one.

Change your route often.  A routine can be followed, every time you go running go a different way and if possible at a different time.

Be smart and safe.  and get running.


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