It’s time to Ruger!

The New Ruger LCR in .357-

This is the first of many great product reviews!

The Ruger LCR is a Revolver, if you want to learn more about revolvers, see the revolver article in types of firearms categories.  Do not worry if you are confused about model numbers or what .357 means, hopefully we can help make these things make sense to all of you who are just getting involved in self-defense or just wanting to learn more about the shooting sports. 

First off, the Ruger LCR is a double action revolver, a revolver is a type of handgun most notably seen in Westerns.  They have a cylinder that turns right or left based on the make of the firearm.  Double action refers to how many actions are performed when you pull the trigger of the firearm, for a double action weapon there are 2 actions, hence the word double.  Double actions firearms usually have a longer trigger pull and they are normally harder to pull back. This is because of the extra actions that need to be performed by the trigger that was referred to earlier. 

Ruger, however, has developed a whole new trigger mechanism that has revolutionized this trigger pull, meaning that even though this is a double action weapon, pulling the trigger is a lot easier and smoother than most other double action revolvers.  Ruger has really made this weapon a great choice for women as it is small, light and with this new smoother lighter trigger pull makes it easier for women and men feel comfortable with handling and marksmanship.

The Ruger LCR comes in .38 special or .357, which can also shoot .38 special.  These numbers refer to the cartridge, round or ammunition that can be shot out of the firearm. It is extremely important to know what ammunition goes to the gun you are purchasing or using.  The wrong type or caliber of ammunition can cause at best a malfunction of the firearm and at worst blow up causing damage to the firearm and potentially the shooter.

  The LCR in the caliber of .357 handles both .38 special and .357 very well.  A bit of warning for those not used to shooting a smaller gun like the LCR, the .357 round is much more powerful and a great round for self-defense but will be harder to control. That is one great thing about having a revolver in .357 though is that if you find that round to powerful for your comfort ability you can always shoot .38 specials.  If you get a .38 special though you cannot shoot .357’s out of it.  

The Ruger LCR has a polymer frame, which just means plastic but you pay more than $100 dollars for it so it is referred to as polymer.  This makes the weapon light and easy to carry.  Shooting the Ruger was very enjoyable and it was comfortable.  The only worry that is a concern is that this is a new product from Ruger, which means it is too new to know how reliable this weapon will be after shooting many rounds through it. Here is hoping that the Ruger LCR holds its own and sticks around for the long run.  For the money, it costs around $450, and the many features that the Ruger offers it is in my opinion a great gun for self-defense and for fun!


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  1. Christian R.
    May 17, 2011 @ 00:50:20

    I’m glad you featured the revolver. It is an easy weapon to operate with less of a chance to jam.


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