Revolver: is that some kind of door?

Your introduction to all the various aspect of self-defense and its tools would be incomplete without a description of different types of firearms.  If you think that a revolver is a type of door, do not worry this article will get you back on the right track and help you succeed with your self-defense goals.

 Have you ever been out with some guys when they started in on some gun talk, straining to understand what all the foreign words meant and wondering when you would be let in on the secrets of the gun world jargon?  It is frustrating but do not give up.

 The women’s self-defense network is here to help you not only understand the conversation but know more than the fella’s so you can have the right skills and equipment to conquer the streets and the conversation.  The first one that needs to be covered is the revolver. 

Most of us know what a revolver is even if we do not recognize the name.  In fact, if you have watched a movie in the last decade you know more about guns than you think you do.  However, not all and actually most of the information we get from movies is not accurate, that is why it is so important to read these articles and others like them so you can know what is true or false, whether that is in a movie, at the gun store or looking for a good instructor.

So back to the affirmation that I am pretty sure you know what a revolver is, well if you have ever watched a Western they are the handguns used by the cowboys.  Now in today’s world there have been a lot of upgrades and modifications to this simple gun and it now comes in many different sizes , styles, even colors (pink for us ladies) etc… However, there are some basics to this type of firearm that everyone should know that will help identify these firearms and how they might fit into your training and meet your needs as a self-defense tool.

Revolvers have a cylinder that turns right or left based on the make of the firearm, the cylinder is the round chamber that holds the cartridges (sometimes referred to as bullets but they are cartridges or rounds). The cylinder opens and closes to allow you to load and unload the firearm. 

Revolvers come in two types of actions.  A single action and a double action, a single action is the type of weapon that you see on the old westerns when they are using one hand to pull back the hammer, this is because single action refers to the number of actions the trigger performs when pulled.  In a single action revolver when the trigger is pulled only the hammer is released from its upward position and that is why the cowboys have to manually pull back the hammer.   Double action then is when the firearm performs two actions when the trigger is pulled, the actions when the trigger is pulled are to cock the hammer and then release the hammer.  Double actions then allow you to fire the weapon by just pulling the trigger, with no extra movements to cock (pull back) the hammer.

Now, you have the basics.  Sure there are more parts of a revolver and different styles we could talk about but the basics are all you need to know for now.   Once you get on the range, get some training and find out what your needs are in a weapon, then the rest will just come with time.

This is it, now that you know about the basics go watch a western or start up a conversation and use your new found knowledge to appreciate more of our firearms culture here in the USA.


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  1. Steven
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 23:19:16

    Hey there Crystal,

    I am with and we are a fairly new company- things are going well and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in doing an ammo review for us.

    We just started carrying a wider range of ammo brands and are trying to get the word out about it. If we shipped you a box, would you be willing to give it a fair try and post a review about it?

    Popular blogs like the following have done product reviews for me in the past:

    If you are interested, which product/calibers can you review?

    Thanks and looking forward to working with you,
    Semper Fi


    • crystalperry
      Nov 03, 2011 @ 14:42:38

      Hey Steven,

      I would most certainly do a review for you. I would like some 9mm, .357 and 5.56. I teach mainly basic handgun and carbine classes, so those calibers would give me a great basis for a good blog post.



  2. Steven
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 11:43:12

    Great! Please contact me at this address:
    and we can get things started!


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