Martial Arts the best way to get fit.

Ok, Lady’s this is a brief blog post to get you motivated about taking a hand to hand type class or martial arts.  This is usually a discipline that women over look when thinking about fitness because they see it as people beating each other up and that is unfair.  While it teaches you techniques about how to defend yourself, my experience with martial arts is more about discipline and respect.  So forget about all the movies you have seen and give martial arts a second look.  I am going to change your mind and these are the reasons you should take a martial arts class over going to the gym.

Number 1 why martial arts should be at the top of your list to get fit:

Support and Respect

It is not a place where guys gawk at you like your a piece of meat. In fact the men of martial arts are taught, actually ingrained to respect all people.  It is part of training and discipline.  I have never been in a place of more respect and courtesy then a martial arts school.

Number 2 reason:

Never bored and empowering

There are always more things to learn.  You never get board in your work out starring at the wall on a tredmill in martial arts.  Plus, you get to learn things and do things you never knew you could and it is empowering and a lot of fun.

Number 3 reason:

better work out then your spin class

Best work out I have ever had.  There is no better feeling than exhaustion after a session of martial arts.  The best part is you can go at your own pace but everyone is there to encourage you to push yourself, again respect and support. Best environment to be in when you want to get fit or loose weight.

Number 4 reason:

Your learning while you get fit

It is a great work out but you are also learning ways to protect yourself.  I know that pole dancing has become a new fad amongst women to get a work out and while I do not wish to disparage any business,  I wish that martial arts would become a fad, at least women would be learning a skill that could save their lives while getting thin.

Number 5 reason:

It’s beautiful and an art form

Especially in schools like Kung Fu, martial arts can be beautiful and almost dance like.  The forms are basically a dance but with blocks and punches.  If you have ever witnessed someone performing tai chi, well that is the slow version of these other forms.  It is art, mesmerizing to watch.  If fact, here is some to watch.

Number 5 reason:

It can be a family activity (I didn’t know how else to put that)

You may just get to spar with the chiseled, good looking guys also taking martial arts.  I know this is a little vain but hey, we are women its ok to take notice.  If you are married, get your husband to go with you and eventually he will be the chiseled guy you are sparing with.  Married or single, either way you women win.

Number 6 reason:

It will save your life.

Number 7 reason:

It is not expensive

It does not cost that much more than your gym membership and you get a better work out and a new family that will always take care of you.

Number 8 reason:

Have I convinced you yet?

Number 9 reason:

All ages can participate

Martial arts is not just for kids.  All ages participate and you are never to old to learn how to protect yourself.  In my class there are people from 7 years to over 70 years.

Number 10 reason:

Individual improvement

Most of the work you will do will be individual.  If you are not comfortable with the sparing, do not worry, a lot of your forms and learning like kicks and punches requires you to fight the air.  You can work your way up to the other stuff when you feel comfortable.

There, I hope that gives all of you Lady’s out there some motivation to take some martial arts classes.  I promise once you get into it you will never want to stop. Plus, when you can defend yourself and fit into a size___ dress, you will love martial arts even more.

Oh, and reason 11

You will finally appreciate the Jackie Chan, Steven Segal, Bruce Lee, etc…movies that your husband/boyfriend insists you watch with him.  You may even impress him by knowing the names of the moves!


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