Getting Physical, its not what you think.

Physical training is what most people think about when it comes to self-defense.  Their minds are usually plastered with ideas of kicks, karate chops and Chuck Norris’s amazing body.  However, while learning the physical aspects of self-defense are important, remember that physical training is only a fourth of your overall  self-defense training.  In early posts we talked about emotional preparedness, mental preparedness and in the future will discuss spiritual preparedness.  This article will go over the importance of physical preparedness.

Being physically prepared to use self-defense is more that just going to an instructor and learning techniques.  Being physically prepared means that you know the skills, you can use them because you are physically fit, and having the right gear with you when you need it.  Protecting you and your family should be about living in a way that you can use those techniques and tools to stop someones unlawful and unexpected attack against you.  Not to mention that with the empowerment you receive by learning the skills and the confidence that will come because you look good and are strong, will be not only beneficial in keeping you safe but will change the rest of your life for the better as well.

When do we need to be physically prepared?   Crime and violence are unexpected, which means that they could happen at any moment.  If you are not ready then you are not safe.  Practice is the key.  However, do not get stuck in the old adage that practice makes perfect, it doesn’t, it makes habits.  This means that you need to make sure that the skills you are learning are the right ones.  This same idea goes for your gear, make sure that the tools you pick out for self-defense are the right ones.  There are many fantastic instructors out there and there are a lot of not so fantastic instructors who lie about their experiences and credentials.  be careful.

As far as gear, well you are not going to find that magical self-defense tool that will take the work out of protecting yourself or that will stun when you want to stun and shoot when you want to shoot (that only happens in movies).  This means that you are going to have to make some decisions and compromises on what types of tools you are willing to carry in self-defense.  The choices are numerous and it can get confusing but hopefully this blog will help take away some of the confusion.  I will start to post product reviews and the benefits and detraction’s of various types of self-defense tools.  So my advice here also, is be careful.  Make sure that what you are getting, is reliable, easy to use, you feel comfortable with it and it fits your needs.  If it is sparkly and cute but does not fulfill the requirements above, well that’s why the men folk are around, you buy the useful tool and have your man buy the cute one and give it to you for Valentines day.

Have you ever heard a phrase like, I don’t have to protect myself I only have to out run the people around me.  Well, its true!  If you are in good physical condition then you increase your chances of being safe.  If you can indeed out run your attacker without putting yourself in greater danger, what a fantastic way to keep yourself safe without having to hurt someone.  However, the real reason that physical fitness is so important is in how criminals act.  Criminals are creatures of darkness, they do not want their acts to be illuminated.  So if they want something from you they will do their best to get close to you before they present a threat.  The closer a criminal becomes the more important it is for you to be strong, able to fight back and be able to retain your tools.  Running, weight lifting, classes with Chuck Norris, it does not matter just be active and stay active.  You will save your life and look good in your bikini/black dress.  Two for ones are the best.

Physical preparedness means skills, tools and fitness.  Put those all together with mental firmness and emotion stability and you not only have a women who can defend herself but one that is ready to face any part of her life with confidence, power and femininity.


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