Going through the Emotions

It is your decision!

In previous posts mentality of a self-defense situation has been discussed but being mentally prepared in making the decision to protect yourself is very different than being emotionally prepared.

Often emotions are not apart of self-defense training and are like the younger red headed brother, they are just forgotten.  However, this is a big mistake.  Let’s look at emotions from an outside view; think about how many emotions you have already felt from the time you got up until the time you sat down to read this blog.  Amazing isn’t it, we experience emotions at about every instance.  It is instinct, the way our body has decided to inform the brain about what is going on in the world around us.

These Instincts or responses can be generally identified as feelings of:

Attraction – we’re drawn to it

Aversion – we don’t like it, or…

Apathy – we don’t care either way

Why, is this so important to self-defense and being prepared?  Think back to the last time you took a self-defense course or just imagine the scene.  A warm, lighted room, around friends or at least acquaintances performing drills, some smack down (that you are enjoying) or learning about tactics or the law.  What are your emotions?   “This is the coolest”, Right?  You are feeling the emotion of attraction to what is happening.

However, you are supposed to be learning what it is like to be in a dark alley, backed into a corner with a guy twice your size and a sneer ready to take your life away.  His only intent is to hurt, rape, or kill you.  Are you feeling a different emotion at this point, then the scenario above?  If not, we need to talk.

Being Prepared-

Our training can’t come close to the emotional responses we might have in a situation but hold on, before you go running off to start poking someone or getting your fighting words out so you can experience it first hand and be prepared,  I have a suggestion; imagine.  That is it just like we have emotional responses to the two written situations above, you can know exactly how you will feel in a situation by using your imagination and then you can know emotionally what is going to happen to you in a self-defense situation and be prepared for it.

If you get the idea of the role and great value that your emotions play in keeping you safe. And, if you learn what role they play in spearheading your body’s natural defense mechanisms, then you can also train to tap into their power and use them as tools for your own protection.

The most important part of this is like in your mental conditioning, have confidence.  Self-esteem will be your best tool for keeping yourself safe.


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