Have you gone mental? Refuse to be a victim

Have you gone Mental?  Refuse to be a victim–

Now that we have talked about the psychology of living and understand our actual human ability to use self-defense.  We can know go over the mental, physical and emotional tactics we need to succeed.  The mental portion is what will be focused on today; basically, how we can,  in everyday life, whether we have a weapon or not, be on alert and ready to be the victor not the victim.

The first thing that you need to think about is empowering yourself. First, know that you are worth protecting because you are, don’t trust me? Ask any one in your life that cares about you they will most definitely tell you that they want to see you again.  Second, you have the mental capability to refuse to be a victim no matter how tough the situation is that you are in.  Mental self-defense is about never giving up and knowing that giving up is not even an option.  Bottom line it’s a choice whether you allow yourself to be a victim.

you have the power to save your life


Empowerment means that I am able and capable and I think and do for myself.  It is the polar opposite of being a victim.  It is having freedom with responsibility and control.  The essence of empowerment is responsibility and accountability.  It is the ultimate realization that how I respond to everything that occurs in my life is my own doing, and since I create my own reality, I do so and live in my own way.  Knowing that I own the results produced from my action and inaction.

  • We can’t control circumstances, but we can control our reaction.
  • Responsibility is our ability to respond i.e. self-defense.


It is important that we realize as women that we are vulnerable but we have the ability to empower ourselves so that vulnerability does not become a disability.  We have a choice to not be a victim but it has to be unwavering.

Mindset for Self-Defense

1. You will do whatever it takes to survive and protect your loved ones.  No matter what it takes.

2. You make the attacker’s decision to attack you the worst decision of their life and the hardest thing they could ever attempt.

This may sound uncompassionate but remember what was learned from the psychology of living.  Those that wish to take away your life or your family’s life should not be given your compassion, your forgiveness in time, yes, but not your compassion.  You are an amazing person with people that rely on you; and your life is worth the change in mindset to refuse to be a victim.

It is your choice; choose to be the victor not a victim.  Choose it not just in the defense of your life but in every task and decision you face as a person.




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